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The Truth About Six Pack Abs in Health News


The Truth about Six Packs Abs is an e-book by Mike Geary and has one goal – to get you ripped abs (if you’re a man) or a flat belly (if you’re a woman). It’s packed with exercise programs, dieting, and nutrition advice that will help you reach your goals.

In the opening, note author introduces the book and explains what audience it targets, which is people of all ages. The reader is warned that the theory in this book may come across as counter-intuitive and against any prior knowledge but that is to be expected and not to be worried about.

The bodybuilder also explains what equipment you would need to follow the exercises of the book. He recommends only two tools – stability ball and dumbbells. Even though there are many exercises that require this equipment, this thinking also explains that even if you don’t have them, there are alternatives you can do without any equipment.

The first thinking is an introduction that is in essence a little prelude of what the book is about, why it was written, and how it will help you.

The second thinking talks about what effect body fat has to your abs, and goes on to say that anyone who has been working out for a while has good abs only they are covered with fat. That’s why reducing fat is so important and the majority of the book is about reducing body fat.

You should talk about abdominal exercises. The bodybuilder talks about how they work and what effect they have. What exercises are correct and which are not? The majority of this chapter explains every exercise and provides photos to visually describe them.

It concludes with the training programs consisting of the aforementioned exercises. The programs are of 8 different levels. Everybody claims that once you thoroughly follow each level and once you get to level 8, you will have developed a set of abs.

The metabolisms are explained. Why it is important and what do have and don’ts are involved.

Exercise is all about workouts that boost your metabolism.

Mike Geary puts free exercises and exercise machines to the test. Which is good and which is not so good.

Mike talks about cardio exercises. He explains the biggest problem of cardio and introduces his solution.

Health is about creating your workout plans. In addition to that, the introduces more exercises with detailed descriptions and photos. Interesting to note that this chapter includes a set of exercises that the human him calls his “Advanced Secret Weapon Exercises”.

These are more complicated exercises that according to the human are the most effective albeit difficult to perform, especially for novices. In the closing of the chapter, some example workout plans are offered.

The begins the nutrition part of the book and talks about the importance of correct diets. Mike Geary calls these remaining chapters the most important.

This thinking goes on about the right foods, food balancing and its importance, the importance of infrequent overfeeding, and a lot more about foods and nutrition. It also includes some calorie charts. An interesting part of the chapter is revealing of the two hidden evils in our food supply. This thinking concludes with some example diets.

Finally, it is a final word from the peoples which has a motivational value more than anything, as well as Mike, who offers his support via e-mail.

To sum up, I can really see why “The Truth about Six Packs Abs” by Mike Geary is the most popular and best-selling fitness e-book on the internet. It is content-rich, full of valuable information that will lead you through to your goal – get six-pack abs.

Such information can save you a lot of money you’d spend on the gym or for tons of fitness books. If you’re serious about your training or just want to know a thing or two about correct training, this book is definitely worth a look.

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