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The Birth Control Weight Loss Basic Tips and Techniques


With Some Basic Tips and Techniques, You Can Wave Good-Bye to Any More Weight Gain from Your Birth Control Pills.

The School of Public Health of Oregon State University had a group of researchers carry out a survey and analysis on birth control weight loss. There is a common myth, which has some validity to it too, that birth control pills cause weight gain. Many women using birth control pill as a contraceptive form have complained that they put on extra pounds when on the pill.

For such women learning about birth control weight loss is the most important thing so they can avoid picking up extra pounds due to the pill. A further study which was conducted by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the last year showed that there is a solid link between weight gain and birth control pills.

Problems Associated With Birth Control Weight Gain:

  • When women take the pill as a contraceptive form the extra weight gain can lead them to various health problems
  • Health problems associated with this issue are heart diseases, arthritis problems, and diabetes.

The problem here lies in the specific birth control pill that you are taking. There are a lot of brand names out there that sell birth control pills and choosing the right one for you is the key to birth control weight loss.

Techniques to Birth Control Weight Loss:

The first tip to birth control weight loss is to keep a close watch on your diet. Ensure that you are getting all the right vitamins and nutrients that you need. Most women try skipping meals to shed extra pounds. That’s not going to help. Make sure that you take three meals a day along with at least two snacks. This can help keep your metabolism rate high and avoid any crashes.

The second major tip for birth control weight loss is to keep a watch on the portions you eat. When you eat three meals a day doesn’t overstuff yourself. Always eat to a point at which you feel that you are not full yet.  Along with that avoid consumption of any drinks that have high sugar content in them. Drink lots of green tea.

The third tip for birth control weight loss includes exercising. The minimum requirement is al least 30 minutes of physical activity. However, try to take that up to 45 minutes. The best way to get more exercise is by engaging in sports you love.

The fourth and final tip for birth control weight loss is to ensure you get enough sleep at night. Try having a fixed routine in which you sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. This routine will help your body better. At least 8 hours of sleep is necessary for all adults.

These simple techniques and tips are great for making a healthier lifestyle change. If you have birth control weight loss issues just make sure you follow these tips and you will never have to worry about those extra pounds pilling up on your waist.

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