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You Can Lose Your Weight With the Best Drinks


What does it take in order to lose weight by using green tea?

Let’s say, for example, that your goal is to drop one pound per week (0.5 kg). That means you’ll need to reduce your caloric intake for the week by 3500 calories because that’s the number of calories stored in 1 pound of fat. 3,500 divided by seven days per week averages out to a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day. In other words, you need to burn 500 calories per day more than you consume.

Experiments performed in Japan and other locations, as reported by One Great Earth, have shown that the consumption of 5 cups of green tea each day results in a boost of 70 to 80 calories being burned due to thermogenesis.

This is simply the process of heat production in the body. In the case of green tea, most of the thermogenic effect is due to caffeine content, but a significant portion is a result of its high concentrations of the fat-burning catching EGCG.

According to these results, drinking five cups of green tea each day gives you a nice boost in your calorie-burning efforts, but the 70 or 80 calories per day falls well short of the 500 you need to achieve you’re one pound per week weight loss goal. If you change nothing else in your diet except adding 5 cups of green tea per day, it will take at least six weeks to lose just one pound – by itself, nowhere near enough to reach your goal.

So looking at the big picture, you’re not going to see the pounds magically disappear simply by following some sort of super green tea diet. But research does indicate that green tea provides an inexpensive yet effective complement to any sound weight loss program that includes exercise and good nutrition. And as an added bonus, green tea provides other overall health benefits as well — so what do you have to lose except the extra pounds?

Low-fat milk and yogurt are necessary to be able to make a smoothie that will help you lose weight. Full cream milk is plainly too fattening which cancels out a weight loss smoothie’s intention.

Fruits are the main source of nutrients in this health drink. Pick the freshest fruits you can find, those that are in season are a good choice since they taste great and cost less.

Do not use chocolate, ice cream, or other artificial flavors. The sugar content of those kinds of ingredients will counteract the principle behind this weight loss drink.

Too much sugar will again defeat the purpose of your smoothie. Sugar will definitely make any smoothie taste good, but what we’re trying to achieve here is smoothie weight loss shakes. In addition, the fruits already bring a natural sweetness which makes the smoothie taste good already.

You can use natural juice if you want to give your smoothie an extra kick.

You can also add vegetables for a more complete dose of nutrition. You can go as far as adding leafy greens depending on your preference.

Follow these tips and you can be sure that the smoothie you make will be a nutrition-packed drink that can rival even the tastiest drinks in any cafe.

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