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Another Health News is a Weight Loss Diet Plan Guide for Slimmer Body


The weight loss diet plan involves drops of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone with a limited calorie diet in today’s health news. The hormone is found in both sexes, but prominent in pregnant women.

During the pregnancy period of women, there is an increase in the production wherein it provides ATP or energy to the developing fetus. Since it is given with a limited calorie diet, it gives out identical body responses and facilitates weight loss.

The instructions in starting a weight loss diet should be clear to every dieter before undertaking the program. Professional advice is a very significant factor to consider before you start the diet plan. One requirement needed to be performed by the dieter before undertaking the program- the person must undergo first some physical examination.

In fact, the weight loss diet plan consists of three phases. If you want to gain some information about diet to lose weight, read on the following phases below.

The Loading Phase

This is the initial period of the weight loss program that lasts for two days. This is the only phase in which the dieter needs to eat a lot. This is because the dieter must store as much energy from the food they consume; it is essential for the body to be strong during this phase of very low caloric intake.

The Maintenance Phase

This phase is not limited to 21 days protocol but can be extended to forty days, depending on the weight goal of the dieter. This phase obliges the dieter to have a 500 calorie/day diet which is considered to be the main purpose of the therapy. For three weeks, the body would acquire a very low caloric diet with 10 to 15 drops three times a day.

The primary purpose of therapy in this phase is to burn the fats and give energy to the bloodstream which can range from 1,500 -4,000 calories. This will help in breaking down fats and change the metabolism rate of the person if the energy is combined with the 500 calorie intake per day. For several days, the dieter may feel excess pounds are actually shed.

The Stabilization Phase

This the stage where the dieter can stop taking drops. It is strongly suggested to make a slow transition from a very low caloric diet to a restricted diet with moderate caloric restriction. However, in order for the dieter to maintain the ideal weight, that person must not eat sugar-rich and starchy food. The needed intake of daily fat must be 800 calories for women and 1,000 calories for men.

As a result of the weight loss diet plan completion, the dieter may take any type of food except those that are rich in sugar and starch to control their weight.

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