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Getting a Beautiful Smile With Cosmetic Dental Care


When it comes to first impressions, a beautiful smile is significant. It can represent how much care and thought you put into your personal appearance. For some, having healthy and strong teeth is enough. But for others, they want a gorgeous, pearly white smile. That is where cosmetic dental care comes in.

Cosmetic dental care is gaining in popularity, as outer appearances are becoming more and more important. Here is a bit of information on cosmetic dental care worth knowing about.

Types of Dental Care

Dentists will recommend that you pay a visit to their office at least once a year, to ensure strong and healthy teeth. A regular dental check-up will include cleaning, rinsing, and sometimes filling cavities.
Cosmetic dental care goes ways beyond just having healthy teeth, and focuses on improving the look of your teeth. Cosmetic procedures include teeth bleaching, bonding, veneering, and applying crowns or bridges.

A Very Popular Trend

Teeth bleaching is becoming a very popular trend, not only amongst celebrities and others in front of the camera but common folk who strive to have a smile as beautiful as their favorite star or starlet.

This procedure consists of applying a whitening solution to the teeth, thus “bleaching” to get rid of stains and appear polished and fresh. While this procedure produces great results, it is also quite pricy; averaging about $800 or more.

Another very popular type of cosmetic dental care is veneering. In this procedure, a thin ceramic strip is placed over the teeth to straighten, fix, and whitened teeth. This is the most costly of cosmetic dental care, averaging around $700-$1200 a tooth, but is also the longest lasting.

Other more practical procedures of cosmetic dental care include braces, crowns, and bridges. These are the least attractive to have on your teeth, but they work to correct crooked teeth or teeth that have rotted.

In the end, choosing cosmetic dental care to fix, whiten, or straighten your teeth is entirely up to you. It is best to keep in mind that these procedures are very costly, and most dental insurance plans cover very little, or no percentage of the procedure at all.

Consult with your regular dentist to decide if this is right for you, and if a bright and white smile is worth the amount of money you will have to pay for it.

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