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Amazing information about the Orlistat medication:


It is one of the medications used to treat the overweight peoples to lose their weight. It will remove the unabsorbed fat in your body. It is also treated for weight-related problems. With the help of this article, you will know about the amazing information about the orlistat medication.

What are the ways for taking the orlistat medication?

There are different ways for taking the orlistat medication. They are given by, you are taking this medication yourself you must read all the information about the product and if you are having any doubt you can call your doctor for clarification.

You can read the information leaflet before taking this medication. You can take it on your doctor’s advice. It is coming in the form of a capsule so you can take it directly by your mouth with liquid and take it after 1 hour of your meals. You can use this medication 3 times a day.

Without the doctor’s consultation, you cannot increase or decrease the dosage level. It can interfere with the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. You must take the multivitamin before two hours of taking the orlistat medication. You can see the result within two weeks after start taking this medication.

What is the aftereffect of using the orlistat medication?

The aftereffect of using the orlistat medication is given by, The minor side effects are headache, oil spot on your cloth, anxiety, the gas with oil spots, irregular menstrual cycle, stomach pain, and pain in the rectum.

The major side effects are light-colored stools, dark-colored urine, yellowing ok the skin, peeling of the skin, yellowing of eyes, vomiting, tiredness, continuous stomach pain, rashes and itching, hives, and nausea. If you are facing any above major effect you can immediately rush to your doctor and get medical guidance.

What is the dietary plan you can follow during taking this medication?

You must follow the diet plan which is prescribed by your doctor. You should equally divide the carbohydrate, fat, and proteins into three meals. If you are taking this medication with high-fat food you can experience some of the side effects.

You can avoid the food having more than 30% of fat while taking this medication. You can eat fruits, grains, and vegetables instead of fatty foods. You can replace the milk product with low-fat dairy items.

You can use less oil for cooking and avoid salad dressings, baked items, junk foods, and fast food items. For the best result, you can use low-fat foods in your meals. You can take multivitamins products before two hours of taking the orlistat. You get more information from your doctor or pharmacist.

You must keep it in an air-tight container. Keep away from the children. For the proper disposal of the medication is you can contact the medicine take-back department in your area. It cannot be stored in the kitchen and bathroom. Get more details and information from or pharmacist.

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