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You Need to Know About the Sun for Your Beauty


So the time has come for the sun and the time for vacations that we have been waiting for so long. And again we enjoy the warmth and the bright sun.

But do not forget that the sun is useful within reasonable limits and do not abuse it. Therefore, let’s talk a little about solar radiation and the basic rules of sun exposure. This is especially important for children and your skin beauty.

 Key Facts to Know About Solar Radiation:

Ultraviolet sunlight can cause skin cancer.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in southern countries.

The main part of the harmful effects of the sun a person receives up to 18 years.

Children’s skin is very delicate, so it is at a much greater risk than adult skin.

With each subsequently acquired tan, the harmful effects of sunlight are fixed.

The damage from sunburn accumulates and lasts several years.
The most dangerous time to stay in the sun is from 11 to 15 hours, avoid sunbathing at this time.

The sun’s rays penetrate the clouds and can cause burns even in cloudy weather.

Water transmits ultraviolet radiation very well.

What you need to do when in the sun:

Look for wide-brimmed hats for yourself and your child.

Use sunglasses with an ultraviolet filter.

Clothing made of dense cotton or linen cloth protects well from harmful radiation.

Be sure to use sunblock and carefully read the instructions, so the method of application may vary.

Apply a protective cream in advance, as it begins to act approximately 20-30 minutes after application.

Use a cream with a high protection factor (30 or more).

Significantly reduces the risk of burning in the shade.

 The basic rules of behavior in the sun with children:

Do not let your child burn.

Children under one year of age should not be exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

If possible, be in the shade and avoid direct sunlight.

The child needs a lot of water throughout the day, do not forget to follow this.

Apply a protective cream 30 minutes before sun exposure; use a cream with a high protection factor. Reapply the cream after bathing, and also every two hours.

Be sure to use the cream after tanning at the end of the day, even if the skin is not burned.

 Enjoy, and most importantly, have a good rest!

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