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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain for Your Health and Fitness


Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas calls for a special family gathering in the dining table. But if you’re on a diet, the holidays can be more stressful than enjoyable, as there will be tons of delicious foods on the table that will be very tempting to indulge in. It can be very tough to stick to healthy habits this time of the year.

So how can you indulge in good food without gaining weight this holiday?

Here are some tips:

Have a Post-Meal Walk

The minute you arrive at your destination for the celebration, tell people that you plan to have a walk after the meal. Most likely, so your friends or family will want to have a walk too. The more, the merrier.

A brisk walking after a meal is a good way to burn calories, which will help keep you in the right mindset to decline a second slice of pumpkin pie.

Walk around and talk to people

Rather than spending your entire time sitting in the dining room, eating, try focusing on the whole celebration. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and people. Walk around and catch up with your family and friends you’ve not talked much the entire year.

Have a workout date the next morning

Instead of staying in bed the whole morning and feeling bloated and exhausted the next day after Thanksgiving, plan a fitness time with your friends in the morning. Commit in burning off the food you ate last night. Also, the thought a morning workout will limit your beer or wine after dinner.

Help in cleaning

Instead of taking more desserts and picking up leftovers from your kid’s plates, offer a lending hand in cleaning. The party host will appreciate your gesture and will pull you out from the table, which will keep you from eating more. Not to mention cleaning up and getting busy can help you burn those calories from dinner.

Stop eating when you’re full

This may be the most obvious, but many people tend to forget about this during holidays, while people are exchanging good stories in the dining table.

Get small servings of everything. You can have everything; just make sure you get gold-ball-size of it in your table.

Thanksgiving may just be one day, do it wrong, and you’ll end up feeling guilty of a setback.

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